udhanshu Pandey on National Girl Child Day: Need to focus on the creating the right mindset

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Actor Sudhanshu Pandey says that contrary to popular belief, India has always been a country that has respected and even worshipped women. However, he says that people’s mindset needs to change and the way they think.

“I wouldn’t say that in India we treat women as inequality, we are the oldest civilisation and this is the only country that worships a lady called Ardhanarishvara which is a symbol of equality and a symbol of man and women in one body. I bet to differ again that it doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. The atrocities on women can happen anywhere in the world, the crime against women is very high in the west. I do not agree to this term when people say ‘India mein aise hi hota hai’ because that is not true. India is the only country where we have respected women for years. There’s always good in evil society, it is a part of human life and whenever there is something wrong there is always something right also. I would say that we have a festival called Navratri where we pray to 9 forms of goddess Parvati,” he says.

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He adds, “I would say that education definitely helps and that we should focus on the right mindset. There are still some areas where women are subjected to home chores. But if women want to work they definitely should work harder for the betterment of our society too. India is the only country where we have seen this for thousands of years that we respect women. Even in the religious books, the Ramayana, Mahabharata have always taught us that women should be respected and also as we have given her the status of mother, daughter, sister. This happens only in Incredible India.”

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