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TV News: Rabb Se Hai Dua will Dua be able to save Ruhan

In the Friday episode of Prateek Sharma’s “Rabb Se Hai Dua” Dua gets nightmares that Iqbal is about to kill Ruhan. She wakes up and Haider apologizes to her for the previous night.

Meanwhile, Ghazal puts Ruhan’s finger in hot tea while he is sleeping. Dua is busy in the kitchen but is worried about Ruhan as he is not picking up her call. Everyone is waiting for breakfast and Dua apologizes for the delay. She then gets a call from Ruhan and is relieved and says everything is good for now.

At the same time, Ghazal is banging the neighbours door for water they refuse. Ghazal and Ruhan then see Iqbal there. Dua calls Ruhan but Iqbal snatches his phone and invites dua. Dua starts shivering and Gulnaaz gets to know that Ruhan is in trouble. She starts creating drama that Ruhan is in trouble because of Dua and starts blaming her for everything. Dua calls Haider and Rahat, but they don’t pick. Dua then leaves to save Ruhan and Ghazal. Ghazal asks Iqbal to leave Ruhan, but Iqbaal says no. Just then Dua’s car enters.

Will Dua be able to save Ruhan? To know what happens next keep watching “Rabb Se Hai Dua”.

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Produced under Prateek Sharma’s Studio LSD, “Rabb Se Hai Dua” features Aditi Sharma, Karanvir Sharma, Richa Rathore, and Manuj Nagpal. It airs on Zee TV.

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