Choreographer Sumit Khetan Advocates for Improvements in the Entertainment Industry

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Choreographer Sumit Khetan, known for his dynamic and visually stunning performances, believes that the entertainment industry is an excellent place to work. However, he also advocates for specific changes that would take the industry to new heights.

The first change Sumit advocates for is the acknowledgment of the significance of technical rehearsals, especially for large-scale shows. Technical rehearsals play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless show execution. Despite understanding time and venue constraints, Sumit emphasizes that managing these aspects is essential, particularly when clients expect a grand and flawless show. Proper technical rehearsals enable choreographers and performers to fine-tune their acts, ensuring a memorable experience for the audience.

“Technical rehearsals are the backbone of any successful show, especially when dealing with large-scale productions. It allows us to iron out any kinks, synchronize dance routines with music and lighting, and ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day. By allocating adequate time and resources to technical rehearsals, we can elevate the overall quality of the show,” says Sumit.

The second change Sumit advocates for is recognizing the importance of every artist involved in a production. He highlights the challenges faced during sound checks for singers or bands when fixed musical instruments occupy the stage. Such limitations can hinder choreographers from fully showcasing their envisioned visuals for weddings or events. The compromise in space leads to distractions in LED usage, prop positioning, and dancer coordination.

“Every artist involved in a show contributes to its success. As choreographers, we envision stunning visuals and dance sequences that complement the overall theme and atmosphere of the event. However, limited space due to fixed musical instruments can hinder our creative expressions. Recognizing the significance of each artist’s role will result in a more cohesive and visually captivating show,” adds Sumit.

Despite the challenges faced, Sumit acknowledges the collective effort of planners, decorators, technicians, vendors, and performers in creating a memorable show. He believes that implementing these changes will not only benefit choreographers but also enhance the overall experience for the audience.

Sumit Khetan’s passion for dance and commitment to excellence continue to make a significant impact in the entertainment industry. His advocacy for these changes reflects his dedication to elevating the standards and experiences within the industry.

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