Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Sumbul stands firm on decision to stay away from Shalin!

Actor Sumbul Toqueer has made her decision to stay away from actor Shalin Bhanot and seems like she will continue to do so, no matter what. In a recent episode, we saw how Shalin tried to strike a conversation with Sumbul regarding something she cooked. However, she tactfully ended the conversation and moved away from there. 

After that, we see filmmaker Sajid Khan also try to tell Sumbul that Shalin was not at fault when superstar Salman Khan accused her of being obsessed with Shalin. He tells Sumbul that he is sure she wants to talk to Shalin and how the latter is a good guy. Also, he tells her that Shalin wants to be friends with her and she should accept because he will be her best friend. But Sumbul stays firm on her promise to her father and says confidently that she will not talk to Shalin, no matter what! She even swears on her father that she doesn’t want to be friends with him.

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The maturity with which Sumbul has handled this entire situation is inspiring. One has so much to learn from her!

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