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Sonu’s Journey to Excellence: Lucknow’s Sunil Kumar Verma Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Lucknow, August 20, 2023 – Sunil Kumar Verma, affectionately known as ‘Sonu,’ has added another laurel to his illustrious career. The prominent journalist, hailing from the city of Lucknow, has been honored with an honorary doctorate by Mother Teresa University, a testament to his unwavering dedication to journalistic excellence and social impact.

A Trailblazer in Journalism

Sonu’s journey began in the bylanes of Lucknow, where he nurtured a passion for truth and an aspiration to effect change through journalism. Born on July 25, 1992, in Sarfaraz Ganj Marhmat Nagar, he embarked on a transformative path that would reshape the narrative of journalism in India.

A Beacon of Authentic Reporting

Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, Sonu commenced his journalistic journey by establishing a small news publication. His early mornings were marked by the distribution of newspapers door-to-door, ensuring that the public received accurate and timely information. This commitment to authentic reporting became the hallmark of his career.

Catalyzing Change through Media

Sonu’s journey gained momentum with his appointment as the Editor-in-Chief of India24x7 Live TV in 2018. Under his visionary leadership, the news channel emerged as a reliable source of unbiased reporting and in-depth coverage of pressing social issues. Sonu’s brand of journalism transcended conventional boundaries, resonating with audiences across the nation.

Championing Unheard Voices

Throughout his 12-year career, Sonu has consistently shone a spotlight on social injustices, marginalized communities, and systemic inequalities. His stories have sparked conversations, prompting positive actions and policy changes. Beyond reporting, Sonu has been an active advocate for social causes, collaborating with non-governmental organizations to make a tangible difference in the lives of underserved populations.

A Resounding Recognition

Dr. Vijayanand Saraswati, Vice-Chancellor of Mother Teresa University, commended Sonu’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to driving positive societal change. The honorary doctorate bestowed upon Sonu underscores his influential role as a journalist and his significant contributions to uplifting society through impactful reporting.

A Visionary’s Gratitude

Upon receiving the honorary doctorate, Sonu expressed his gratitude, stating, “I am truly honored and humbled by this recognition. Journalism is a powerful tool for transformation, and I am committed to continuing my journey of shedding light on important issues and inspiring change.”

A Legacy of Empowerment

Sunil Kumar Verma ‘Sonu’ stands as an embodiment of the power of journalism to effect change. His journey from the streets of Lucknow to the halls of academia exemplifies the potential of unwavering dedication, ethical reporting, and a passion for societal betterment. Sonu’s legacy will undoubtedly inspire aspiring journalists to tread a path that leads to authentic reporting and positive transformation.

As the sun sets on this chapter of his journey, it rises on a new era of excellence in journalism, driven by the indomitable spirit of Sonu and his commitment to making a difference.

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