Sonam Lamba, the Star of “Jahaan Chaand Rehta Hain,” Shares Her Fascination with the Moon and How She Relates to Her Character

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Actress Sonam Lamba, set to play the character Kiran in the much-anticipated show “Jahaan Chaand Rehta Hain” by Kumeria Productions, shares her excitement about the show’s title and how it rekindles the magic of believing in fantasies.

“The title of the show is truly captivating. It makes you believe in fantasies again,” says Sonam Lamba, expressing her fascination with the moon, a central theme in the show. She reminisces about childhood curiosities, emphasizing that every child has wondered about the moon’s mysteries, its beauty from afar, and what it might look like up close.

“I have always been fascinated with the moon and space in my childhood,” Sonam reveals. “I used to think that the Moon always stays with us and looks so beautiful from afar. I wish I could go to the moon, but practically, it’s not possible.”

Speaking about her role as Kiran, she delves into the character’s background and dreams. Kiran is portrayed as a young girl from a typical conservative family in a Punjab village. Her passion lies in her studies and her dreams of becoming an astronaut, exploring the moon, and studying its mysteries.

“I can relate to Kiran a lot,” Sonam shares. “We both are from Punjab and were raised in the same culture, with similar traditions. I was also fascinated by the Moon, just like Kiran. So yes, I can see the girl, like the little Sonam, in Kiran.”

Working with Kumeria Productions has been a rewarding experience for Sonam. She appreciates the understanding and support provided by producer Vijendra Kumeria, who is also an actor. His unique perspective as an actor-turned-producer has contributed to a positive working environment.

“The show has a progressive take on aspirations and ambitions,” Sonam notes. “After experiencing the COVID phase and losing many loved ones, my wish is to live a life that makes my family and dear ones proud. I want to do good work that leaves a positive impact on society and contributes to humanity.”

Describing a memorable shoot experience, Sonam recalls a scene involving a school field trip to a planetarium in Punjab. The immersive experience, with 3D effects and a sense of floating in space, left a lasting impression on her.

The show “Jahaan Chaand Rehta Hain” is set to air on DD National, a channel that holds a special place in Sonam’s heart. She reminisces about her childhood, where DD National was the go-to channel for entertainment and education. Being associated with a channel that reaches remote areas and inspires learning is a source of pride for the actress.

In conclusion, Sonam Lamba’s journey into the world of “Jahaan Chaand Rehta Hain” reflects her genuine fascination with the moon, her ability to relate to her character, and her appreciation for the opportunities provided by Kumeria Productions. As she eagerly awaits the show’s premiere on DD National, she is excited to share the magic of the moon with audiences across the nation.

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