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Sonakshi Sinha Shines in Her Debut Web Series “Dahaad”

Sonakshi Sinha is basking in the glory of her successful debut web series, “Dahaad.” The actress effortlessly slipped into the role of the tough cop Anjali Bhaati, captivating audiences with her physicality and strong personality. Even after two weeks since its release, “Dahaad” continues to draw in viewers, leaving Sonakshi overjoyed. In an exclusive chat with TT, Sonakshi expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming response to her character, receiving compliments from actors, directors, and even her father, Shatrughan Sinha.

Awe-Inspiring Reach and Impact

The wide reach and impact of “Dahaad” have been truly awe-inspiring for everyone involved in the project. The series holds a special place in their hearts, and the tremendous success it has garnered is beyond their wildest dreams. Sonakshi is relishing every moment of this achievement and cherishing the love and support from her fans.

Character Development in a Long-Format Series

One of the remarkable advantages of a long-format series is the opportunity to develop each character gradually. Unlike films, where time constraints limit character exploration, series offer the freedom to delve deeper into the storylines. The writers of “Dahaad” skillfully crafted well-defined character arcs, allowing viewers to witness the growth and evolution of every individual. Sonakshi commended the writers, acknowledging them as the true heroes behind the success of the show. Also Read: Sonakshi Sinha Birthday: Bollywood Actress Celebrates Another Year

The Irresistible Offer

When asked about her reasons for choosing “Dahaad,” Sonakshi revealed that there was no reason to turn down such a compelling project. The co-creators and co-directors, Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar, approached her with the show, narrating the synopsis during a casual coffee meeting. Sonakshi was instantly captivated and wholeheartedly committed to playing the character. The beautifully written script, combined with the opportunity to work with talented creators like Zoya and Reema, made it an irresistible offer.

Satisfaction in Portraying Anjali Bhaati

Reflecting on her portrayal of Anjali Bhaati, Sonakshi expressed her satisfaction with the role. She believed that she was destined to play this character from the moment she watched the trailer. The experience of playing Anjali Bhaati offered creative peaks she hadn’t encountered in her previous projects. Sonakshi embraced the challenge of adopting a Rajasthani dialect, which required her to learn an accent she had never spoken before. The audience’s positive response, appreciating her authenticity, was the ultimate validation for her efforts. Moreover, she even learned how to ride a bike for the role, igniting her childhood tomboy spirit and prompting her to purchase her own bike.

Parallels Between Sonakshi and Anjali Bhaati

Sonakshi drew parallels between herself and her character in terms of their strong-mindedness, belief in equality, and relentless determination. While their backgrounds and circumstances differ significantly, these commonalities helped Sonakshi portray the character more effectively.

International Acclaim at Berlinale

Premiering “Dahaad” at Berlinale, one of the most prestigious film festivals, marked a milestone for Sonakshi. The response from the international audience was exceptional, with viewers expressing their eagerness to watch the entire series. Despite its rooted Indian essence, “Dahaad” resonated with the global audience, proving its universal appeal. Sonakshi continues to receive praise for the show from viewers in France, America,

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