Somy to visit India in March, plans to celebrate her birthday in Mumbai

Somy Ali keeps herself occupied helping distressed human beings and animals through her NGO, No More Tears (NMT). While the actor turned humanitarian enjoying her work, her followers are keen on watching her on screen and wish that she visits India soon. Well, the good news is that Somy has already made plans to celebrate her birthday in India in March. She talks about her plans and looking forward to 2023 with much hope and love.

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“2022 flew by, but I am fully gratified as in the number we achieved that is we saved over 10,000 lives,” she continues on meeting her expectations professionally, “I am beyond elated over the fact that people were able to see Fight or Flight, our docu-series on Discovery Plus. Unfortunately, not in India due to the ban which is not only sad. But a huge hindrance in our saving victims from India and above all, receiving financial contributions which enabled us to save victims brought to the US from India. Nonetheless, those who were able to watch our documentary, not only donated, but also wrote to us thanking us for our work.”

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