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Sleepless, but Loved the Vibe: Vicky Kaushal on Shooting ‘Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja’ Song

In the bustling city of Mumbai, where dreams are woven into the very fabric of existence, actor Vicky Kaushal has once again left his mark. This time, it’s not through a gripping film role but with his electrifying performance in the song ‘Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja,’ a part of the upcoming movie ‘The Great Indian Family (TGIF).’ Vicky Kaushal, known for his versatility and dedication, has astonished fans and critics alike with his remarkable dance moves and sheer enthusiasm for this track.

The Song that’s Setting Hearts Aflutter

‘Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja’ is not just a song; it’s a celebration of music, dance, and the incredible spirit of India. In this lively number, Vicky Kaushal portrays the role of Bhajan Kumar, a local singing sensation. The song’s infectious energy has gripped the hearts of viewers, making it an instant sensation.

Dancing Through Sleepless Nights

What truly makes Vicky Kaushal’s dedication shine is the fact that he went sleepless for three consecutive nights while shooting for this song. This sacrifice was not in vain, as Vicky’s electrifying performance is a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft.

The Making of ‘Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja’

To bring ‘Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja’ to life, an enormous set was constructed, replicating a heartland town in India. The set was teeming with life, thanks to the presence of countless dancers and a dedicated crew, all of whom added to the vibrant atmosphere. Shooting continued for three whole nights, and while sleep was a luxury, the electric vibe on set made it all worth it.

Vicky Kaushal’s Perspective

In Vicky’s words, “Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja is my entry sequence in TGIF. A massive set was built that replicated a heartland town in India. The environment was infectious, there were countless dancers and crew who added to the vibe. We have constantly shot for 3 whole nights! Yes, I was sleepless, we all were but we were loving the vibe.”

He further elaborated, “YRF really mounted Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja to showcase the popularity of Bhajan Kumar in his hometown. My character is a singing icon in his town, and the people of this town adore him. The scale of the song had to match the love that the people have for Bhajan Kumar. I had an amazing time shooting this song. I hope that people love this song too and it becomes the song to listen to this Janmashtami!”

Behind the Scenes

Composed by the musical maestro Pritam and sung by the soulful Nakash Aziz, ‘Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja’ is a masterpiece in itself. The choreography, skillfully crafted by Vijay A Ganguly, brings an extra layer of magic to the song. With such a talented team, it’s no surprise that this song has created waves of excitement.

Mark Your Calendar

As the anticipation builds, it’s important to note that ‘The Great Indian Family (TGIF)’ is set to hit theaters on September 22. Get ready to witness Vicky Kaushal’s mesmerizing performance and the magic of ‘Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja’ on the big screen.

Vicky Kaushal’s dedication and passion for his craft shine brightly in ‘Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja.’ This song is not just about dance and music; it’s about the love and energy that can be created when talented individuals come together to create something extraordinary.


What is the significance of ‘Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja’ in ‘The Great Indian Family (TGIF)’?

  • This song serves as Vicky Kaushal’s entry sequence in the movie, portraying his character Bhajan Kumar.
  1. Who composed the music for ‘Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja’?
    • The music for the song was composed by Pritam, a renowned music director.
  2. When is ‘The Great Indian Family (TGIF)’ scheduled for release?
    • The movie is set to hit theaters on September 22.
  3. Who choreographed the dance for ‘Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja’?
    • The dance for the song was choreographed by Vijay A Ganguly.
  4. What was the inspiration behind Vicky Kaushal’s character in the song?
    • Vicky Kaushal’s character, Bhajan Kumar, is a singing icon in his hometown, and the song was designed to showcase his popularity among the local people.

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