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“Shiv Thakare Applauds Rohit Shetty’s Inspiring Mentorship on KKK-13”

Shiv Thakare, a contestant on Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 13 (KKK-13), recently opened up about his admiration for the show’s host, Rohit Shetty. During an interaction with Newshelpline at a gym, Shiv expressed his gratitude and affection for the renowned filmmaker, calling him an “elder brother” who always inspires and appreciates everyone around him.

Reflecting on his journey on KKK-13, Shiv Thakare shared, “Rohit Shetty wasn’t just appreciating me; he was inspiring the entire team. He is like an elder brother, always motivating and pushing everyone to perform their best. In real life, he is truly an inspiring individual.”

The BB Marathi winner further highlighted an invaluable piece of advice he received from Rohit Shetty, stating, “Rohit Shetty once said, ‘If someone gives you a 100 rupees job, make sure you put in hard work worth 1000 rupees.’ I take that advice to heart, and it has been a driving force for me. I believe I share a special bond with Rohit, and I had the most enjoyable time during my stint on KKK 13.”

Recently, Shiv Thakare made a guest appearance on Roadies, where he initially began his journey as a contestant. He expressed his gratitude towards the show and its host, Rannvijay Singha, acknowledging the significant impact it had on his life. Shiv stated, “As a Roadies fan, being a special guest on the show is a huge deal for me. Many aspiring roadies out there wish to live a life like mine, and I consider myself lucky to have this experience.”

When discussing the essence of Roadies, Shiv emphasized the irreplaceable presence of Rannvijay Singha, saying, “I still feel that without Rannvijay, Roadies is not complete. Prince is doing a fantastic job of keeping the spirit of Roadies alive, and if I were a contestant on the show right now, I would have aspired to be a part of Prince’s gang.”

Shiv Thakare’s journey from being a Roadies contestant to a KKK-13 participant exemplifies his determination and passion for adventure. The support and mentorship he received from Rohit Shetty and Rannvijay Singha have played a pivotal role in shaping his inspiring journey in the world of reality television.

As Shiv continues to leave an indelible mark on these reality shows, his dedication and admiration for his mentors serve as an inspiration to countless fans and aspiring contestants.

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