“Sheezan Khan Confronts His Fear of Snakes on KKK-13”

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Controversial actor Sheezan Khan, who was recently released from prison in the Tunisia Sharma suicide case, has shared his experience of facing his worst fear on the thrilling reality show KKK-13. During a special screening of the show in Mumbai, Khan spoke about a challenging stunt that involved snakes, revealing his intense fear of the reptiles.

“I am scared of snakes, and I had to endure having them around my neck and hands during one of the stunts,” Khan admitted. “It was a tough task for me, and I had a hard time completing it. I can’t reveal more details; you’ll have to watch the show to find out.”

The new season of KKK-13 promises a fresh series of stunts that will captivate and entertain the audience. Khan emphasized the enjoyment he experienced while performing his stunts and expressed his reluctance to spoil the surprises in store for fans. Hailing from Meerut, Khan stated that his background has instilled toughness and resilience within him.

KKK-13 marks Khan’s first appearance on the show after his prison time, and he considers himself fortunate to be a part of such an incredible series. Reflecting on his fellow contestant, rapper Dino James, Khan praised his resilience and calm demeanor. He mentioned that while others had to calm themselves before each stunt, James displayed an inner calmness and enjoyed every moment without feeling burdened.

Hosted by the renowned Rohit Shetty, KKK-13 features a diverse ensemble of participants, including Aishwarya Sharma, Anjali Anand, Anjum Fakih, Arjit Taneja, Daisy Shah, Dino James, Nyra Banerjee, Rashmeet Kaur, Rohit Roy, Archana Gautam, Shiv Thakare, Soundous Moufakir, and Ruhi Chaturvedi. With an exciting lineup of contestants and adrenaline-pumping challenges, the show premiered on 15th July 2023 on Colors TV and is available for streaming on Jio Cinema.

As viewers tune in to witness the thrilling stunts and emotional journeys of the participants, Sheezan Khan’s brave confrontation of his fear of snakes on KKK-13 is sure to captivate the audience’s attention and showcase his determination and resilience.

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