Sana Makbul Opens Up About Her Struggle With Liver Disease and Medication Challenges

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Actress Sana Makbul, recognized for her versatility and exceptional performances, opened up about her battle with liver ailments on World Hepatitis Day. The actress participated in a workshop organized by HN Reliance Foundation Hospital (HN RFH), aiming to spread awareness about the significance of maintaining liver health, especially among the younger generation.

In 2019, Sana Makbul Khan received a life-altering diagnosis of a chronic liver disease. Further medical evaluation revealed that she was suffering from autoimmune hepatitis, with significant fibrosis of the liver. To combat this condition, she embarked on a treatment plan that included taking steroids as an immune suppressant.

Talking about her experience with the medication and its impact, Sana candidly shared, “Popping pills was not something I took sportingly. The daily intake of steroids and immune suppressants significantly affected both my body and mind. During these changing phases, I made it a point to have open conversations with my doctor, discussing not only my illness but also my feelings and emotions.”

The talented actress emphasized the crucial role doctors play in understanding her mental stability. While she may not have confided in her mother about her emotional struggles, a medical professional could comprehensively address the effects of medication and provide valuable insights to ease her concerns.

Sana Makbul bravely battled the severe side effects of steroids, which resulted in weight gain and puffiness, affecting her career. However, her determination and perseverance paid off as her liver fibrosis improved significantly over time. She regained her health and strength, enabling her to participate fearlessly in the action-packed reality show “Khatron Ke Khiladi” in 2021.

Her remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to others facing similar health challenges. Through her openness and resilience, Sana hopes to raise awareness about liver health and the importance of seeking timely medical assistance. Additionally, she encourages individuals to prioritize mental health, understanding that emotional well-being plays a vital role in the recovery process.

As Sana Makbul continues to shine on-screen, she remains an advocate for health awareness, using her platform to inspire and educate others about the significance of liver health and overall well-being.

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