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Rhythm Chanana Talks About Viral Delhi Metro Video, Fake News, and Social Media Support

Rhythm Chanana recently became an internet sensation for sporting bold and eccentric outfits on a Delhi Metro train. She was interviewed on a YouTube video by her mentor from acting school, where she discussed the overwhelming support she received on social media, as well as the fake news surrounding her.

During the video interview, Rhythm Chanana sat against her acting school banner, donning a skimpy peach-toned bikini and glittery makeup. She expressed her deep appreciation for the outpouring of support she received from her fans on social media. Her online following has skyrocketed since her videos on the Delhi Metro went viral.

“I am absolutely amazed by the amount of support I have received on social media. I am grateful for all the love and support,” Rhythm Chanana said in the interview.

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She also spoke about the false information that had been circulating on social media and news outlets about her. Rhythm Chanana stated that she had not given any interviews to any media outlets, and that everything being said about her was untrue and misleading.

“I would like to clarify that I have not spoken to any media houses yet, and all the news circulating about me is fabricated. False news is being circulated about me,” she said.

Rhythm Chanana gained popularity after she was spotted wearing a bikini top and a miniskirt on the Delhi Metro, boldly advocating for her right to dress however she chooses.

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