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Rajniesh Duggall: I believe in buying only Indian designer wears

When it comes to clothes, actor Rajniesh Duggall has a few favourite designers he loves to work with. The actor says when it comes to buying designer wear, he likes to go for Indian designers as he loves their style.

“I own a lot of them like suits, especially from Rohit Gandhi to Arjun Khamna, Tarun Tahiliani, Ravi Bajaj and Rohit Bal. I believe in buying only Indian designers, as I feel their clothes and cuts are great,” he says.

Talking about their exorbitant prices, he says, “Everyone in their particular field works in creating a brand and once that brand value is created, the price goes up. For all the designers who have a great name and presence, it’s totally worth it, as their final products are immaculate and they last for years… a few others, who just increase their price without really working on creating the brand – that’s not worth it. That’s just a bubble.”

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He also adds that these clothes are a must for an actor, but not something one cannot do without. “I have grown up with confidence and started my career here as a model/ supermodel before I became an actor. I feel it’s good to have those designer labels and clothes in your wardrobe but that shouldn’t be the only goal. One should be very comfortable in one’s own skin, wearing branded or non-branded clothes, shoes, watches etc should not make a difference. You must always check your pocket and then spend,” he says.

He adds, “I have been lucky because of my background…but yes, there are a few of my favourite designers who I follow and I do keep their collections in mind.”

Ask him if he designs his own clothes, and he says, “Yes, a lot of times, if I like a suit, or a particular cut. I do get it made. Guess being the face of Raymond suiting for seven years has left a mark!”

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