Rabb Se Hai Dua: Ruhaan in police custody

Rahat Saab expressed that he no longer considered Dua as a part of his life. He did this after seeing Heena suffering. Rahat Saab tried to convince a lady police officer to release Heena and Haider, but she didn’t listen to him. However, Dua decided to withdraw her complaint. Ghazal was very angry with Heena and wanted to get back at her. The lady police officer explained that they couldn’t release Haider because he had given an instant divorce that couldn’t be undone. But if Haider apologized and took back the divorce, he could leave. Haider did just that.

Gulnaaz angrily told Dua that Ruhaan was still in police custody, but Dua refused to withdraw her complaint against Ruhaan. This made Haider shout in frustration. Kaynaat and Noor tried to persuade Dua, but she didn’t agree. Meanwhile, Rahat Saab tried to call a friend for help, but it was too late as the time for providing surety had passed. Ruhaan had to stay in the police station for two more days. Gulnaaz encouraged Ruhaan to stay strong. Dua attempted to talk to Haider, but he was upset and accused her of being one of those who could harm the family for their own benefit.

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