Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan- The coming episodes are going to be extra special for all those drama-lovers

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An emotional upheaval…the next two days are going to be extra special for all those drama lovers who ardently watch Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan. Tonight, Damini will taunt Radha, saying how confident she was of her relationship with Mohan but looking at it, it feels like it won’t even last 7 days. Once she leaves, Mohan enters his room and looks at Tulsi’s picture. He realizes that because of his anger, Radha got hurt and Gungun thought if he is behaving like this with Radha, he would’ve definitely killed Tulsi! Gungun, again, starts calling him Mohan and he gets emotional and starts punching the wall. Tulsi tries to stop him but can’t touch Mohan. Mohan is furious and emotional as Tulsi left him and people think he is her murderer! And now Radha is making Gungun hate him more. He feels helpless and is not sure what to do!
However, Radha asks Gungun to apologize to Mohan and Gungun feels that Radha is blinded by love. Radha makes her understand that it’s about a new show, then sings a lori and makes her sleep. She, then, gets flashes of Gungun taking a stand for her. Gungun sleeps and Radha sees a pillow moving. She realizes Tulsi is here so she asks her to be with Gungun as she needs to check on Mohan.
Meanwhile, Kaveri is happy as Mohan is not happy with Radha.  Damini says there’s a lot more to do she needs to destroy the proof before Radha gets hold of it. Radha goes to the room and sees Mohan, not in a great mood. She gets flashes of him telling her how much he hates her and she is about to leave when she sees a bloodstain on the wall, followed by a trail of blood she notices Mohan’s hand. She panics and rushes to him, but Mohan doesn’t let her touch him. She scolds him and does his dressing and they have a cute banter!
Radha makes Mohan understand that Gungun just wants her parents to be happy!
That’s not all, Tuesday’s episode will see another big twist! Mohan understands that Radha was correct in saying that Gungun needs both her parents and he apologizes to her. Radha is stunned and so emotional! She hugs Mohan. But Damini is furious, looking at them. Mohan signals to her, and Damini stops and realizes that Gungun is happy. She teases Damini and Radha is very happy. However, she pushes Radha, who falls to the ground. Mohan tells Radha that he will never forgive her, even if he is reborn again. Radha is confused and asks him what was all this. Damini enters and says that Mohan was acting! Mohan tells her that he already saw Gungun watching them, so he played along. Mohan is extremely bitter toward Radha and this makes Damini happy.

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