‘Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan’ – Mohan ties Radha, what is he planning to do?

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In the Friday episode of Prateek Sharma’s “Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan” we see that Damini and Kaveri are worried about seeing Radha awake. Kaveri asks Damini how Radha woke up to which Damini tells her that Mohan must have not given the medicine to her. Damini looks at her wedding attire and Kaveri jokes that she is the first bride who is getting married four times a day. Damini tells her that she just wants to marry once and asks Kaveri to play some music so that it feels like her wedding.

Mohan goes to Radha’s room and finds her sleeping. He thinks about what Gungun told him that he too loves Radha. Suddenly he hears dhol playing and finds Kaveri dancing with Dulari. Mohan asks Kaveri why she is doing it when Radha is unwell. Kaveri tells him that it’s her daughter’s wedding and also that Radha will eventually wake up. Mohan then goes to Ketki and tells her that they need to act fast and tells her his plan.

Meanwhile, Radha will gain consciousness. She wakes up and gets flashes of Kaveri injecting her with something. Radha starts banging on the door asking to open it. Damini is enjoying the celebration and hears Radha. Gungun goes to open the door but Damini stops her and tells her that she will harm her and eventually they are sending her to a mental asylum. Radha is shocked to hear it.

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Mohan screams at Damini and opens the door. Radha hugs him. Mohan closes the door but Damini stops him saying Radha can harm him. She is then shocked to see that Mohan has tied her with a rope. While Radha and Tulsi are shocked, Kaveri and Damini are elated to see it. Mohan asks Radha to go with the plan and that he trusts her. Damini feels something is wrong. Mohan tells Radha that if whatever she said is correct, he will not marry Damini and will also punish her. He locks the door behind him and tells Damini that they will marry today itself. Kaveri tells Damini that it’s a good thing that Mohan tied Radha, but is surprised how she gained consciousness so fast. Damini tells her that it’s because Mohan never gave her any medicine and has doubts about them. Keep watching “Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan” to know what happens next.

“Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan” produced by Prateek Sharma’s Studio LSD features Shabir Ahluwalia, Neeharika Roy, Keerti Nagpure, Reeza Choudhary, Sambhabana Mohanty, Swati Shah, Manisha Purohit, Brij Kishore Tiwari, Kajal Khanchandani, Rajendra Lodhia, Pooja Kava, Sumit Aroraa, and Ranveer Singh Malik. It airs on Zee TV.

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