Priya Paramita Paul Shares Her Victory Against Beauty Pageant Company

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In a recent interview, Priya Paramita Paul, an acclaimed actress and life coach who holds the prestigious title of Ms World International, opened up about her legal battle against the beauty pageant company known as She is India. After enduring a challenging two-year period, Priya has emerged victorious in the case.

The lawsuit centered around She is India, an organization responsible for conducting a beauty pageant where the winner represents India as Mrs. India Universe in the renowned Mrs Universe competition. Priya filed the case back in 2021 and tirelessly fought for justice. She faced numerous obstacles throughout the legal process, including being prohibited from hiring a personal coach. The company attempted to coerce her into obtaining coaching exclusively from their organization, promising her a spot among the top three winners and additional points if she complied. Unfortunately, by the time Priya realized the implications, she had already made a partial payment for the pageant fee. The mental harassment she endured during that period was overwhelming, as the company relentlessly pressured her. Despite her strong desire to represent India and having relocated from Bangalore to Mumbai for better training, Priya made the difficult decision to withdraw from the competition. She subsequently requested a refund for the Mrs India Universe pageant since she was no longer participating. The legal battle lasted two years, and ultimately, the court ruled in Priya’s favor, acknowledging that her allegations held merit. The court has ordered She is India to refund her within the next 45 days.

Reflecting on her journey, Priya revealed that she did not possess the Ms World International title when she initially embarked on the legal proceedings. She had recognized the potential support the organization could offer her in competing for Mrs. Universe, making her decision to file the case all the more challenging. Representing India had always been a cherished dream for Priya, but she is now content with the choice she made.

During the interview, Priya also shed light on the prevalence of rigged beauty pageants. She estimated that approximately 50 percent of pageants are authentic and genuinely conducted. Even some renowned and well-respected pageants fall victim to rigging. Priya’s own experience in this regard was something she never anticipated. She emphasized the importance of thorough research before participating in a pageant, urging aspiring contestants to ensure they embark on this journey fully informed and prepared for an enriching experience rather than an unfortunate one.

Priya also addressed the misconception that winning a beauty pageant guarantees immediate acting opportunities. According to her, the dynamics have significantly changed in the entertainment industry. While Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sushmita Sen, and Lara Dutta enjoyed greater chances of securing acting breaks a decade ago, the situation is different now. The pageant and entertainment industries have evolved, demanding not only physical beauty but also a foundational acting skill set. Without developing acting abilities, aspiring actors who solely rely on their pageant wins may find themselves facing significant challenges. Priya’s advice to those who aspire to enter the entertainment industry through pageants is to participate while simultaneously honing their acting skills. She stressed that competition has intensified, and to stand out, individuals must adapt to the changing landscape. Unfortunately, Priya has personally encountered casting directors who, upon learning about her pageant background, have denied her equal opportunities for auditions. She believes that only a few casting directors have given her a fair chance, as many seem more interested in showcasing their association with beautiful women rather than evaluating talent.

Priya shared her valuable advice, urging individuals not to become mere showpieces in the pursuit of opportunities. She empathizes with the arduous journey aspiring candidates and pageant girls undertake, emphasizing the importance of learning the basics of acting before venturing into the entertainment industry

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