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Priya Paramita Paul: If you enjoy everything then you don’t feel the pressure of balancing things

Indian model, life coach and influencer Priya Paramita Paul says that when you love what you do, there is no stress to balance it. She adds that while her day is also completely packed, she enjoys every minute of it, doing what she loves.

“You do not need to balance your life, there is nothing called balancing your life. If you enjoy everything then you don’t feel the pressure of balancing things. I think I have chosen every step of my life as per what makes me happy. I go to gym in the morning, come back from the gym, I eat balanced food, healthy food, then I also take counselling sessions, workshops, and empower people how to live. I also work on my acting skills post my job timing. So, everything is balanced already,” she says.

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Talking about her dreams and goals, she says, “Right now my dream is to do good roles in TV and films as well as improve my acting skills and present good content to the audience. Another goal that I have been trying to work towards is to counsel anyone who is knocking on my door and telling me that they want to change their life or they want to do something else or add something more to their life, and give them therapies, workshops, to make sure that they are not giving up on their life and they are also progressing like how I am.”

“Apart from that, I want to do a lot of things for myself, like things in my bucket list include giving a TEDx talk, going on a world tour, having hospitals and shelters for animals, doing something for children. And one more thing I want to work on is getting a subject on mental health added to the school curriculum,” she adds.

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