Prateek Sharma’s Rabb Se Hai Dua: Dua Agrees to Work for Haider to Save Ruhaan

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In the recent episode of “Rabb Se Hai Dua,” tensions escalate as Dua grapples with the decision to work for Haider’s company to safeguard her brother Ruhaan. Hamida, determined to reunite the estranged couple, devises a unique condition for Gazal that adds humor to the situation.

Upon Hamida’s request, Dua finds herself in a dilemma, as she contemplates the potential consequences of accepting Haider’s request for help. Deep down, she wishes to protect Ruhaan, but revealing her true intentions could lead to complications in her relationship with Haider.

Haider, surprisingly understanding, advises Hamida not to persuade Dua if she is unwilling to work for him. He respects her choices, realizing the significance of Dua’s consent. However, Hamida retorts, highlighting Haider’s past actions of not considering Dua’s wishes when he married another woman. She questions his newfound pretense of being a caring husband, holding him accountable for the emotional turmoil he caused.

Hamida’s condition for Dua’s acceptance comes as a surprise to the family. She asks Gazal to care for a donkey, much to everyone’s amusement. While Gazal hesitates, Hamida insists that if Gazal declines, Dua won’t assist Haider. Eventually, Gazal reluctantly agrees to fulfill the unusual request, becoming responsible for the donkey.

As the family teases Gazal about her new companion, she finds herself in a challenging situation. Haider reminds Gazal of the importance of the upcoming bridal fashion week and how her dedication to him outweighed any concern about money before.

Amidst all this, Dua expresses her anger to Hamida, voicing her objections to the assumption that she would risk their business just to seek revenge against Haider. She opens up about her true intentions, revealing her plan to protect Ruhaan and make Gazal confess her feelings for him. Hamida is impressed with Dua’s designs and talent, praising her creativity and even comparing her favorably to her father.

Hamida offers an alternative approach to Dua, suggesting that she can still help Haider with the fashion week but asks for payment in return. She presents an idea and urges Dua to trust her judgment. While hesitant at first, Dua decides to place her faith in Hamida’s advice, agreeing to work with Haider on her terms.

As the story unfolds, the family looks forward to seeing the outcome of Dua’s newfound partnership with Haider and Gazal’s interactions with the donkey, adding an element of humor and intrigue to the plot.

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