Prateek Sharma’s Rabb Se Hai Dua: Haider’s Decision Brings Joy and Intrigue to the Family

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The drama unfolds in the latest episode of “Rabb Se Hai Dua,” produced under Prateek Sharma’s Studio LSD, as Haider’s decision regarding Gazal’s involvement in the family business stirs emotions and intrigue among the family members.

Gazal awaits Haider’s response with bated breath, and after a moment of contemplation, Haider agrees to let her join the business. The news brings joy to Heena but leaves the rest of the family in astonishment. However, Ruhan is visibly angered by the decision, indicating potential conflicts ahead.

In a subsequent meeting with Ravi to discuss designs, Haider’s stress becomes evident to Dua, who is visibly pained by his demeanor. Gazal takes the opportunity to approach Haider and requests a substantial sum of 10 lakh rupees for her plans. The shocking request surprises everyone present, and Dua, with her business knowledge, questions the necessity of such a large amount.

Heena seizes the moment to criticize Dua for not assisting Haider earlier, leaving Dua speechless. She insinuates that Dua fears being replaced by Gazal and encourages Haider to give her the money to prove herself. Despite Dua’s hesitation, Haider hands over the money to Gazal, leading to further tension within the family.

As Gazal heads towards Dua’s room to access the locker, she openly boasts about her plans to overthrow Dua and take control of Haider’s property. However, Haider unexpectedly interrupts, affirming that it is Dua who holds a special place in his heart. Ruhan observes the scene with curiosity, wondering why Gazal seems so invested in Haider’s designs despite her apparent dislike for him.

Undeterred, Gazal continues her mission to access the locker, taunting Dua about her impending triumph and winning Haider’s heart. Nevertheless, Haider intervenes, declaring that it’s Dua who reigns supreme in his heart.

As the family dynamics take unexpected turns, “Rabb Se Hai Dua” continues to captivate audiences with its engaging storyline and stellar performances by the cast, including Aditi Sharma, Karanvir Sharma, Richa Rathore, Nishigandha Wad, Sheela Sharma, Simron Upadhyay, Sandeep Rajora, Saarvie Omana, Melanie Nazareth, Ankit Raizada, and Shalu Shreya.

Tune in to Zee TV to witness the unfolding drama and emotional rollercoaster of “Rabb Se Hai Dua.”

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