Nora Fatehi Launches Hip Hop India – A Platform for Pure Dance and Talent

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The dance fraternity is abuzz with excitement as dancer, actor, and producer Nora Fatehi, in collaboration with acclaimed choreographer Remo D’souza, sets the stage for the much-anticipated Amazon miniTV dance reality show “Hip Hop India.” This trailblazing show is set to become the country’s first-ever hip-hop-centric dance competition, offering a platform solely dedicated to pure dance and unadulterated talent.

With a grand launch event, Nora Fatehi and Remo D’souza achieved the extraordinary feat of breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest hip-hop performance, adding an exceptional touch to the show’s grandeur.

Speaking about the show, Nora Fatehi expressed her excitement, stating, “First and foremost, we want to showcase pure dancing, and that’s exactly what viewers can expect from Hip Hop India. The show’s main focus is to celebrate the rawness and authenticity of street dance. This unique approach sets it apart from other dance reality shows, making it a refreshing and distinct experience for both participants and audiences.”

Renowned choreographer Remo D’souza lauded the passion and enthusiasm of the young participants, which played a pivotal role in breaking the world record. “This is a historic moment for India, where we are breaking the world record for the largest hip-hop performance. It’s the passion and dedication of these kids that made it possible. Without their unwavering support, this achievement would not have been possible,” he remarked.

Unlike many other shows that incorporate emotional narratives, Remo D’souza emphasized that Hip Hop India will solely focus on talent and dance. “In this show, we are exclusively looking at dance and raw talent. There will be no additional background stories; contestants will be judged solely based on their dance performances,” he explained.

The show is set to stream exclusively on Amazon miniTV, providing a groundbreaking platform for aspiring street dancers to showcase their skills and compete for the ultimate title. Hip Hop India promises to bring pure dance artistry to the forefront, setting the stage for an exhilarating and electrifying spectacle of talent and creativity.

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