“Miss Diva Universe 2023 Shweta Sharda Aims to Bring Miss Universe Crown Back to India”

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Miss Diva Universe 2023, Shweta Sharda, is on a mission to bring the prestigious Miss Universe Crown back to India, following the victory of Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, who was crowned Miss Universe in 2021. As she returned to her hometown Chandigarh, Shweta Sharda shared her excitement and sense of fulfillment after winning the Miss Diva India pageant.

In a media interaction, Shweta conveyed her deep gratitude and enthusiasm for the journey that lies ahead. She expressed her eagerness to make her nation and family proud by achieving the highly coveted Miss Universe title.

Shweta Sharda attributed her remarkable achievement to her mother, whom she described as the strongest woman she knows. She acknowledged her mother’s sacrifices and unwavering support as the driving force behind her success. Shweta shared, “She is the strongest woman I know. She is the rightful owner of this crown. I am here because of my mother. She sacrificed a lot for our comfort. My parents got separated when I was 12, and since then, she has done everything for me and my brother. She worked so hard so that we get all the comforts of life. Whenever I get tired, she becomes my motivation.”

Dance is not only Shweta’s passion but also a source of happiness and solutions to life’s challenges. A self-taught dancer, she moved to Mumbai at the age of 16 to pursue her dreams. Reflecting on her journey, she remarked, “I came to Mumbai to fulfill my dreams, though it was not easy, but I knew there were a lot of opportunities in this city, and I utilized them and worked hard. This is the reason I am sitting here now.”

Shweta Sharda’s love for dance knows no bounds, and she considers it a powerful tool for problem-solving in life. She expressed gratitude for her dance talent, which she believes has been instrumental in her journey. She said, “Dancing gives me happiness. I feel like with dance I get solutions to most of the problems in life. I am a self-taught dancer, but if you ask me to perform in any style, I will do it. I am thankful to God for this talent. It helped me a lot.”

The talented dancer has participated in several dance shows, including ‘DID,’ ‘Dance Deewane,’ and ‘Jhalak Dikhlaja.’ Shweta Sharda also revealed her childhood inspiration and dancing idol, Madhuri Dixit. She fondly recalled teaching dance moves to the Bollywood diva during her appearance as a judge on a dance reality show, describing it as an unforgettable experience.

With her determination, talent, and unwavering support system, Shweta Sharda is poised to make India proud on the global stage, vying for the Miss Universe Crown in the upcoming competition.

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