Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Media Giant Navroz Prasla Honour The Special White House Reception Holiday Invite

Mr. Navroz Prasla, the Houston community leader & the founder of NTV America & Herogo TV was in attendance at the White house Holiday reception. It was an exclusive gathering of just few selected people who were invited to this holiday celebration.

Every year the President picks or the First Lady picks a theme for the holidays. And the theme this year was “We the People.”

Mr. Navroz Prasla stated that he enjoyed the ambience & food and the conversation with President Biden. “Thanks to President Joe Biden and first lady for hosting a wonderful holiday reception this afternoon, it was great to converse with him. I want to say, Thank you, President Biden for all that you’ve done for our country. We have much more to do together.”

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The White House is once again bustling with guests, revelers and holiday activity in a sign of how the Biden administration views the state of the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, experts and White House officials believe the country is in a much better position to prevent a similar outbreak, and the calendar of social events in Washington, D.C., is a reflection of that.

Everyone attending the event was required a negative test for entry & had to attest to the vaccination status. It was a cautious approach taken by White House keeping in mind the safety of the guests in the attendance.

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