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Kate Sharma on ill effects of technology: People have confidence on social media, but when it comes to human interaction they phase out

Technological advancement has revolutionised our existence. Life, no doubt, has become better. However, it has its side-effects too. In-person meetings and professional socialising have reduced considerably; we have become lazy and mostly communicate via social media, whatsapp. Even phone conversations have reduced. Meri Durga actor Kate Sharma shares her opinion.
“Yes definitely we miss human touch, the emotional exchange that happens over meetings because of technology. Its advancement everyday is reducing the real interactions. Two years of lockdown got us hooked to our phone screens even more, my direct meetings have also reduced considerably after lockdown,” she says.

The personalised vibes and emotional interaction of one human being with another is almost missing. “People have confidence on social media, but when it comes to human interaction they phase out. It’s sad that we are becoming this,” she adds.

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Our WhatsApp conversations, voice notes, and interactions don’t leave us. We keep thinking about it even after going to bed. Easy accessibility has become our habit and has taken the form of addiction in our lives.

“I think this is a very big problem for the future generation. A no-technology hour is a must in a day where you meet your loved ones and speak your heart out. Whether technology is a bane or boon is a never ending debate. But I think everything is in our control, so we should make our choices accordingly,” she ends.

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