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Appalled, confused, and taken aback! That’s how Superstar and Doritos Brand Ambassador Kartik Aaryan felt when a box full of his favourite Nacho chips – Doritos – was taken away from him during the shoot of upcoming Doritos campaign. His distress can be seen in a video, which has gone viral with 1.1+ million views and 116K likes, that the leading actor shared a few days back on Instagram. The actor questions the brand for this unfair gesture and wrote, “Not For Kartik Aaryan? Chakhne bhi nahi diya 😭 @doritosindia.

His unhappiness was further evident when he put up a poll asking his fans whether the brand should’ve let him eat the chips or not. The fans were clearly on Kartik’s side with 87% of people answering a ‘yes’ to the question. What followed next was Kartik’s clear-cut refusal to come to the TVC shoot because of the betrayal he felt during the teaser shoot. His video said, “I am getting a lot of calls on this Doritos teaser that has gone viral. Everybody is saying ki bilkul achha nahi hua mere saath, Doritos kyo nahi khaane diya…And I agree!! Ye bilkul theek nahi hua! Shoot par bulaya and doritos bhi nahi khaane diya!! I mean not even 1 chip?? Ab teaser to shoot ho gaya, but maine bhi decide kar liya hai…Main final ad shoot hi nahi karunga! Set par hi nahi aaunga! Jab tak mujhe promise nahi kiya jaata ki mujhe Doritos khaane denge! Sunn rahe ho Doritos waalo???”

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Soon, Rohit Shetty, who likely seems to be the director of the brand shoot, jumped in to make peace between the brand and Kartik. He tried to calm down the actor by commenting, “Tere bhale ke liye bol rahe the Kartik, Aaja shoot par…dekh lenge….”.  Fans even requested the brand to cajole Kartik and share Doritos with him, with comments such as, “Dilse Sorry boldo Doritos”, “Doritos walo de do bhai inhe Doritos”, and more.

The video has quickly gained attention with 2.7M views and 440K likes and fans are eagerly waiting for Doritos to respond to Kartik’s angst.

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