Kamal Haasan Foresees OTT Revolution: Industry Disagreed, but Indian Cinema Embraces It

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Kamal Haasan, the renowned actor and filmmaker, has always been ahead of his time, propelling Indian cinema to new heights even before the emergence of blockbusters like Baahubali and RRR. With his exceptional talent as both an actor and a writer-director, Haasan has remained an iconic figure in the industry for several decades. Remarkably, seven of his films have been submitted by India for consideration in the Oscars.

Recently, Haasan was honored with the prestigious Outstanding Achievement in Indian Cinema award at the IIFA 2023 ceremony. The event was marked by a standing ovation as acclaimed musician AR Rahman presented the award to the veteran actor. While Haasan has consistently captured headlines throughout his career, it was a recent media conference that truly caught the attention of many.

During the conference, Haasan revealed that he had foreseen the revolution of over-the-top (OTT) platforms long before others in the industry. However, his foresight was met with skepticism from his peers. “I saw OTT coming much before everyone else. I told everyone that we have to get into it, but the industry disagreed with me. But now, everyone understands what I was trying to say, now that the Indian audience has got a taste of international cinema,” expressed Haasan. His perceptive remarks shed light on the growing influence of OTT platforms and the expanding horizons of Indian cinema. Also Read: Bollywood Celebrity Fashion: The Latest Trends and Styles of the Stars

Reflecting on the topic of staying relevant in the ever-evolving industry, Haasan shared his perspective. “I am a film buff. I’d make the kind of movies that I’d like to see myself. Sometimes I get involved with them and don’t act in them; I produce them, and I am doing it even now. There are a couple of films that I am producing where I have nothing to do with them, except spend money on them,” he explained. Haasan’s commitment to producing quality films aligned with his personal preferences demonstrates his dedication to the art form.

In addition to his views on staying relevant, Haasan recently voiced his opinion on The Kerala Story controversy. He referred to the film as propaganda, emphasizing that a film cannot be deemed a “true story” solely based on a tagline. “I’m against propaganda films. It’s not enough if you write ‘true story’ at the bottom as a logo. It has to really be true. And that is not true,” Haasan firmly stated. His stance reflects his commitment to authenticity and genuine storytelling in cinema.

Responding to Haasan’s remarks, Sudipto Sen, the director of The Kerala Story, defended his film and criticized those who labeled it as propaganda without having watched it. Sen claimed that such accusations amounted to engaging in propaganda themselves.

Kamal Haasan’s visionary insights into the OTT revolution and his unwavering stance on propaganda films continue to shape the discourse surrounding Indian cinema. As he remains at the forefront of the industry, Haasan’s contributions serve as an inspiration for future filmmakers and actors alike.

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