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Jawan Breaks Into Top 5 for All-Time Advance Bookings in National Chains

Jawan’s meteoric rise in the world of cinema continues as it secures a prestigious position among the top advance bookings of all time in national chains. The film has achieved this remarkable feat by selling an impressive 358,500 tickets in three major national chains: PVR, Inox, and Cinepolis, as of Tuesday at 10 PM.

PVR and Inox Lead the Way

Among the national chains, PVR and Inox have emerged as the frontrunners in terms of ticket sales for Jawan, collectively accounting for 295,000 tickets. Their enthusiastic support has played a pivotal role in Jawan’s ascent to the top of the advance booking charts.

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Cinepolis Joins the Ranks

Cinepolis, not to be outdone, has contributed significantly to Jawan’s success by selling 63,500 tickets. This collaboration has solidified Jawan’s position among the elite in the world of advance bookings.

Aiming Higher

Jawan’s exceptional performance has secured its place as the 5th highest in terms of advance bookings in national chains. With its sights set on the top three positions, the film is poised to create history in the world of advance bookings.

As it stands, the top 5 advance bookings in national chains are as follows:

  1. Baahubali 2 (Hindi): 6.50L
  2. Pathaan: 5.56L
  3. KGF 2 (Hindi): 5.15L
  4. War: 4.10L
  5. Jawan: 3.59L (Tuesday @ 10 PM)

Jawan’s incredible journey is a testament to its widespread appeal and the anticipation it has generated among audiences. As it continues to surge forward, all eyes are on Jawan as it vies for a place among the cinematic greats in the top three. Stay tuned for more updates on Jawan’s historic advance booking run in national chains!

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