It is a conscious decision to be low profile: Ranndeep R Rai

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“Balika Vadhu 2” actor Ranndeep R Rai confessed that he chooses to be low profile. He revealed that he likes to keep it low key especially when he is not working on a project.

“It is a conscious decision to be low profile because I feel as an actor, we should not overdo it. It’s another thing when you’re out there doing some project, but when you’re not working on anything, I like to be a little low-key,” the actor, who is soon making a special appearance in the TV show “Meet”, said.

“I don’t want to overdo it and be seen everywhere for no reason. So if you ask me I like to be low profile,” he added.

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The young actor also revealed that he is an introvert. “I really have very few friends and I don’t party a lot or go out and hang around with new people. I take time to open up. And it is the same for social media. I’m not really active on it because I don’t usually have content. There’s no such thing to tell people about,” he said.
So how do you keep yourself busy when not working? “Dancing is my hobby and my other interest. I look forward to my dance classes. I was quite weak in dance and wanted to learn different dance forms for many years. I feel, along with acting, I should dance well too. So I’m working on it now,” he ended.

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