iQIYI Launches First Parent-child Theme Park in Beijing, IP Monetization Strategy Bears New Fruit

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BEIJING, July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On July 14, 2023, iQIYI, an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, opened iQIYI QiBubble Space, the company’s first offline parent-child theme park, in Yanqing District, Beijing. The theme park, marking iQIYI’s latest explorations in pursuing IP commercialization, incorporates elements from iQIYI QiBubble’s original animation IPs which provides an immersive entertainment experience for users.

Nearly 6,000 square meters in size, iQIYI QiBubble Space features seven themed spaces and over 200 entertainment programs with focuses ranging from theatre, role-playing games, and mroe. Many programs have been developed based on Babydino Tales and Dudangman, which are two of iQIYI QiBubble’s most popular self-produced animation IPs. These programs promise visitors an interactive experience that combines fun, exploration of novel ideas, community building and learning opportunities for families.

GONG Yu, founder and CEO of iQIYI, said: “The iQIYI QiBubble Space transforms the figures that children used to only see on screens into real companions, allowing families to play games and enjoy each other’s company in real life. This signifies a significant milestone as more of iQIYI’s original IPs come to life in the offline world. Starting with iQIYI QiBubble Space, iQIYI will continue to expand more children’s entertainment content offline throughout the country.”

In its design, the iQIYI QiBubble Space incorporates a parenting philosophy of embracing diversity and openness. In creating a games environment that encourages exploration and prioritizes parent-children interaction, the Space meets the unique needs of millennial parents and promises to become a landmark destination for family vacations in Beijing.

XUE He, founder of iQIYI QiBubble Space, said, “Curiosity cultivated during childhood can become a lifelong superpower with lasting benefits.”

With a focus on nurturing inquisitiveness and a willingness to explore, the park brings to life the core value embedded in iQIYI QiBubble’s high-quality original animation IPs. It creates an open and inclusive offline space where children have the opportunity to engage with and explore the world around them.

The iQIYI QiBubble Space also offers entertainment options beyond just the theme park. With local cultural tourism offerings and purpose-built hotel, the iQIYI QiBubble Space taps into the potential of broader Yanqing region.


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