In 2023 I want to focus on my health and gain weight : Payal Panchal

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Young social media influencer, who is also known as Bhetreen Indori, shares her experiences of 2022 and what she expects in the year 2023.
She says,”I have worked very hard in 2022 with the future in mind and worked towards that. Financial stability is something which I am definitely concerned about. I want to buy a big SUV car for my family next year and I know I have to work very hard for that.” She also adds, “On the personal front, it was a tough year. I met with an accident and was bedridden for a month and then also lost my pet. I also had differences with my close set of friends which put me in a difficult situation. But with the help of my family, I have overcome that and got my focus back on my work.”
What do you wish 2023 to hold in store for you?
“I want the year 2023 to have lots of happiness for me. I also want to earn money and fame.
Payal also shares how she has been criticized for her underweight status. She says, “People may find it as a joke, but I have been trolled badly for my weight. I am 5 feet tall and weigh 35 kilos. I wanted to gain weight desperately, so I started working out and also eating a lot. After a few months I have gained almost 6 kilos and crossed 40. But then I met with an accident with my scooty which I was only driving and after that I had to stop workouts and then again, I went under 40 kilos. Though I have been skinny since my childhood but now when I am 22 I feel I want to look different. When people ask me why I am so thin, that really hurts me. I want to change that in 2023.”

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