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I would like to be happy and successful and have no regrets: Priya Paramita Paul on 2023

By rakeshsharma Dec31,2022

Ms. World International Ambassador 2022 Priya Paramita Paul had an unforgettable 2022 and is looking forward to achieving more milestones in 2023.

She said, “In 2022, I was able to represent my country on the world stage. It was a great honour after all the hard work, and training I went through. It was a great year and I successfully got the crown back. I lived the dream of all those women who want to leave a legacy behind. So I’m grateful for this year. It also taught me to work on myself and towards my dream.”

“In 2023, I would like to be happy and successful and have no regrets. Also, in 2022 I came to be known as Ms. World International Ambassador Priya Paramita Paul and in 2023 I want to be known as actress Priya Paramita Pau. That’s how I am visualizing it,” she added.

Talking about the biggest milestone of 2022, she said it was getting the crown back to India. “It was not easy. I had to build immense confidence, and belief that I can do this. There were so many beautiful women from different countries and they had all achieved something or the other in their personal life. They all had some inspiring stories to share with the world. It was all a big achievement and milestone for me. I will not forget this year,” she said.

Not that she has raised the bar high, Priya is expecting 2023 to be a memorable one too. She is hoping to get some good projects where she can prove herself as an actress.

“That will be another achievement. I’m working towards it and I think the universe is with me on this. I think my prayers, hard work, and dedication will pay off and I’m very positive about it,” she said.

She has already started giving auditions and is working on the craft.

“I have taken drama classes and I’m giving auditions. I’m happy and satisfied with what is happening and how things are happening to achieve my aim in 2023. I really don’t know what will happen next but I know that if I keep working on it, and giving my best, then it will definitely happen. I see myself progressing every day and that makes me happy and hopeful,” Priya ended.

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