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I am not a big fan of birthdays but I enjoy spending time with my family : Hiten Paintal

Actor Hiten Paintal who has recently celebrated his birthday on 19th December shares his thoughts and feelings on birthdays. He says,”My birthday is very close to Christmas, so when I was a child I would be getting the same gifts for my birthday and Christmas. That entire week used to be a lot of fun. I remember going shopping and mom and dad getting gifts for me. We used to have parties at home. My whole childhood was so much fun and I still feel nostalgic about it.”

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He also adds,”I haven’t given myself anything this year but I have received lots of love from my friends and family members. I got lots of cakes and other beautiful things and I am feeling overwhelmed with all the love and blessings and that is the most important thing for me. I am not a materialistic person at all. What matters to me is genuine wishes and good vibes of my people. I recently got back from Jaipur as I was there to celebrate Manmeet (Meet Bros) and Karishma’s 20th anniversary celebrations, so I also celebrated my birthday with them.“

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