I Am Always In Love Says Niharica Raizada

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Actress Niharica Raizada broke the internet with gorgeous and hot jungle photoshoots, turning her into one of the most desired actresses on the block, but her dating preferences and love definition will warm your heart.

Born and raised in Luxembourg, a qualified cardiologist with inherent good looks and a healthy obsession with dance and singing, brought Niharica to India, and within no time she wooed her fans with movies such as Masaan, Total Dhamaal, Sooryavanshi, and IB71. During her recent interview, Niharica talked about her love life, dating scene, dating preferences, and more.

Talking about love, the diva said, “Niharica Raizada is always in love, I am continuously in love, I have said it before, there isn’t a day that goes by when I am not in love. If I am not in a relationship, I make sure by the end of the day, somehow I am in a relationship, I think one should have a relationship because once you’re in one, you are always happy, you are always feeling good and I am the kind of person who tries to be happy all the time”

“A Relationship is a must, and love should be there daily, maybe it won’t last, but you have to find love again, always. Love should be in your daily routine, the way you wake up, brush your teeth, you eat, the same way you should love on a daily basis” added Raizada.

When asked about her dating preferences, Niharica said, “I like tall hunks, and he must be a non-smoker, non-drinker, and dog lover. I don’t find cat lovers particularly trustworthy. I know this may sound judgemental, I have some cat-lover friends but I don’t think I could ever date one. It is just the way it is. I guess the ideal match for me would be a cardiologist, who can sing.”

Adding about her turn-ons, Niharica said, “If someone can teach me something that I don’t know, or can’t do, that is a huge turn-on for me, I am not great at reading Sanskrit and Hindi with a fast speed, so if someone can recite poetry and read Hindi plays to me I’d be so turned on by it.”

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