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Hiten Paintal on Tunisha Sharma’s alleged suicide: I feel the people just take the escape route but they don’t think about what happens to their family



The entertainment industry is not an easy place to be. While the glitz and glamour may seem alluring, it is a tough place when it comes to dealing with work, love and loss. The recent incident that brought this discussion to the fore is actor Tunisha Sharma, who has reportedly ended her life over issues with her beau Sheezan Khan, who is also her co-star in the show Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul. Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho actor Hiten Paintal shares his viewpoint.

“The entertainment industry is a very tough place. People only see the glamour and ignore what goes beyond the hours of shooting. There’s so much that happens behind the curtain,” he says.

Heartbreaks lead to extreme reactions. Some people even end up taking drastic steps.

“People need to be tougher and move on. In the recent times the cases of suicide have increased so much, especially in our industry. There are so many people who are successful, are getting work and money but they really need to move on from the heartbreaks, love and relationships and be a little tougher. They have to learn to control their emotions. Suicide is a very big step. I feel the people just take the escape route but they don’t think about what happens to their family. I am sure no parent would ever want to see their child go like this. God had given us this life and he will take it back when the time comes, why should we do such things,” he tries to raise questions among those who lose hope easily.

The uncertainty in the nature of work in showbiz also affects the mental health of those a part of the workforce. Agreeing, Hiten adds, “Absolutely it does. Empty minds are devil workshops. Uncertainty of work stresses you out. So many of my friends are not from Mumbai and they live on rent and are struggling. When you don’t have work, it’s very scary. Sometimes there is work but the money gets delayed. It’s a different feeling altogether.”

The industry as a whole can help each other cope with mental health issues, feels the actor. However, it seems he does not have much trust in this industry.

“I don’t think anyone from the industry will come forward to do it. Everybody is carrying their own baggage and everyone somewhere is a little selfish. At the end of the day, we all are selfish. I really think that something needs to be done where people can go and talk to people without being judged,” he says.

Speaking on Tunisha’s sudden demise at the age of 20, Hiten shares that his niece Sarah Paintal was part of the same show. “She was so shocked that a 20 year old would just take her life like that. Some relationships don’t work out and we all have gone through that but it doesn’t mean that we end our lives. If people start taking their own lives just because their relationships didn’t work out then there will be hundreds of deaths happening every day. I am very shocked that Tunisha took her life and feel very sorry for her parents,” he ends.

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Dhartti Bhatt Discusses Her Role as Vatsala in “Purnima”



Actress Dhartti Bhatt, known for her appearances in various television shows, including “Jodha Akbar,” “Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal,” and “Shakti,” is currently portraying the character of Vatsala in Dangal TV’s series “Purnima.” In a recent interview, she shared insights into her character and her experience playing a multi-layered role in the show.

Vatsala’s Complex Character:

Dhartti described her character, Vatsala, as initially positive but eventually taking a negative turn due to specific circumstances in the storyline. Vatsala falls in love with Siddharth, the hero of the show, despite his married status. However, when Siddharth’s wife arrives in Bombay, Vatsala notices changes in him, leading to a transformation in her character. Dhartti acknowledged the contrast between her real-life persona and Vatsala’s character, highlighting her versatility as an actor.

Exploring Different Roles:

The actress expressed her eagerness to take on diverse and challenging roles that push her boundaries as an actor. She also shared her passion for travel, airports, and flying, revealing that if she hadn’t pursued a career in entertainment, she might have aspired to become a pilot. Dhartti has aspirations for her future, both in the entertainment industry and potentially in entrepreneurship.

Challenges in the Entertainment Industry:

Dhartti acknowledged the evolving nature of the entertainment industry, noting the challenges of capturing and maintaining audience attention in a highly competitive landscape. She emphasized the importance of continually offering fresh and engaging content to keep viewers entertained.


Dhartti Bhatt’s portrayal of Vatsala in “Purnima” showcases her ability to delve into complex characters and adapt to diverse roles. Her dedication to her craft and her openness to new challenges highlight her commitment to both her acting career and future endeavors in the entertainment industry.

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Garvita Sadhwani on “Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si”: Love, Ambition, and Family Dynamics



Garvita Sadhwani takes on the role of Mrunal in “Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si,” a show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Directors Kut Production. Excited to be a part of the project, Garvita reflects on the show’s title, emphasizing the importance of transparency in relationships, where some feelings are held in the heart but left unspoken.

The Ambitious Mrunal:

Mrunal, portrayed by Garvita, is a highly ambitious young woman aspiring to become a prominent social media influencer. While she deeply loves her family, her passion for her dreams is equally intense. Garvita sees similarities between herself and Mrunal, which drew her to the role. She describes the character as vivacious, confident, and relishes the dramatic aspect of love.

Love-Hate Relationships and Family Dynamics:

Garvita anticipates an engaging love-hate relationship between the two families in the show. She believes the audience will connect with the exploration of family dynamics, where love coexists with conflicts. She highlights the contrast between the simplicity of the Karmarkar family and the charisma of the Malhotras.

Gratitude to the Team:

Expressing her gratitude, Garvita showers praise on Rajan Shahi and the entire DKP (Directors Kut Production) team. She considers it a dream come true to work with the best in the television industry and acknowledges the learning opportunities she gains every day. Garvita admires the humility and generosity of the team, hoping for a lasting bond.

Show in a Hashtag:

When asked to sum up the essence of the show in a hashtag, Garvita chooses “#PyaarAndTakraar,” emphasizing the themes of love and conflict that will be central to “Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si.”


Garvita Sadhwani’s insights into her role and the show’s themes provide a glimpse into what viewers can expect from “Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si.” With love, ambition, and family dynamics at its core, the show promises to offer a captivating blend of emotions and relationships.

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si: Vandana gets invited to the Narali Purnima festival




In the latest episode, Vimal, a lady from the Koli community and a part of Vandana’s team, extended a warm invitation to Vandana to attend the Narali Purnima festival. This festival is a significant celebration for the Koli community, traditionally held near rivers or ponds. During Narali Purnima, the Koli and other fishing communities offer coconuts to Lord Varuna, the god of the ocean, seeking his blessings and expressing gratitude for their livelihoods.

Bobby, on the other hand, put pressure on Kunal to attend this festival with the hope of discovering a talented singer there. Their motivation behind this search is to find someone who can help them with their musical aspirations.

However, Vandana and her family are dealing with their own set of worries. They have been burdened by financial troubles, and their house has been used as collateral for a loan. Time is of the essence as they try to figure out how to repay this loan.

Amidst these financial concerns, Atya, a well-wisher and advisor to Vandana, offered some valuable advice. She encouraged Vandana not to stress too much and to enjoy the Narali Purnima Festival. Atya believes that things will eventually work out for them.

In the previous episode, we saw how Kunal played the role of a savior by rescuing Vandana from some troublemakers. He also teased Vaibhav in the process. However, Vandana became upset with Hemant, her husband, as he unfairly blamed Vijay for their financial problems.

Furthermore, Kunal found himself irritated with his employees, who were both wasting food and time. Vijay, Vandana’s son, received praise for his deep understanding of music. Kunal’s frustration grew when he realized that his current staff may not be suitable for the job.

The show continues to explore the dynamic between the characters and their journey through various challenges and celebrations in their lives.

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