Here’s what Sumbul Touqeer’s future holds for her, according to tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani

Ace tarot card reader and actor Munisha Khatwani predicts a rather bright future for actress Sumbul Touqeer. The actress is currently locked up in the Bigg Boss house.

“In the coming year, February or March onwards, things are going to get better for her. Not that she’s going to do badly in Bigg Boss at all. I do see her going ahead as well and progressing. But again, her cards are a little dicey, where if she doesn’t play her cards correctly in the show, or use her mind well, then, based on her date of birth, she could get out before her anticipated time. But even if she does get eliminated in the show , she will have other offers and opportunities,” she says, adding, “Her birthday is on November 15, 2003. She’s also ruled by number six Venus. And her destiny number is also
wrong Rahu number 13. And that is also a number connected with the media line with the fame with the popularity, again being ruled by Venus and the female planet, it’s a number of being in this media line. So definitely for her this time is also favorable, she is a little naive, because of her Rahu, her mind is not stable at times.”

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She says that Sumbul is still quite young. “So she can get into certain situations which may not be very feasible for her in the sense she may not have a clarity of things. And also, of course, she’s young. So that age factor is also there. But she still has a lot of time to grow and become mature based on what her cards are saying. Her career seems stable in terms of this media line, or anything to do with TV or OTT or anything to do with acting. So reality shows are definitely suitable for her,” she says.

As for her lucky colours, Munisha adds, “So, I think for her, her lucky colors are white, blue and red. I’ve given her a lucky month for next year, like it moves on from February March. And she should be a little cautious of hidden enemies. She should use her mind and brain a little more as what the cards are suggesting because of her Rahu planet being a little weak.”

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