Here’s what Priya Paramita Paul is doing for Christmas!

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Supermodel, life coach and influencer Priya Paramita Paul has rather different plans for Christmas. The model says that she has dedicated the festival to helping the needy and has even tied up with a lot of organisations.

“On this Christmas, I have collaborated with a lot of orphanages and collected donations for the poor and needy. Recently, I also associated with Uday foundation and we collected the basic groceries. The occasion was “Roti दे”. On the 15th of every month, the Uday foundation conducts a Roti day. So they collect the funds and bring groceries for them. On the 15th, I went with the Uday foundation to a place called Little sisters for old age. I visited there and we celebrated Christmas with some cultural events with everyone who stayed there,” she says.

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She adds, “There’s a foundation called “Earthangels Welfare Foundation”. I am working with them again to collect funds for the kids. On the occasion of Christmas, we are conducting some events and supplying some necessary items and groceries. That’s my Christmas plan and I am very happy to celebrate it this way because I am able to hold my crown and try to help wherever it is necessary, including working on myself everyday.”

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