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Happy Birthday Hitesh Bharadwaj: Here’s what the Udaariyaan actor plans to do on his special day

Hitesh Bharadwaj will turn a year younger on 23rd December, The lead actor of Udaariyaan has planned to spend the day with his loved ones.

“I am in Chandigarh right now and missing my home a lot. While I was in Mumbai, I wanted to be out of town on birthdays but now when I am here I want to be in Mumbai at my home. But, I’ve made a plan to go to a small village in Punjab, Ludhiana, and visit the Gurudwara there. So my wife Suditi and I would be going there on my birthday. It’s a very cute farm so I’ll be spending my birthday amid nature and this is how I really like it,” he says.

Hitesh have a lot of wishes and prayers. “My wishes are not only for me but for everyone who is working around me. I want them to be always stays happy, healthy and wealthy. I will also pray to ace in my work as much as possible and entertain my audience so that they keep showering love on me,” he smiles.

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There’s a lot that the actor wants to gift himself. “But, materialistic things are not that appealing for me. Only gift I want to give myself is that I should do good for myself and others, and also help my native place and people living there. My one wish is also to work on my birthdays, so that I can spend one of my upcoming birthdays in London,” he adds.

Sharing his fondest birthday memories from childhood, Hitesh reveals, “It’s obviously the ones spent with my mom because when I was young, my mother used to make samosas, chole bhature, gajar ka halwa, though I have stopped eating all these things now. New clothes, giving toffees in school, prayers, everyone’s wishing me are some must-dos when I was growing up. Sometimes it feels like that the most realistic approach to celebrating my birthday would be in a very peaceful way and sometime time with by myself.”

The actor does not believe in the saying that age is just a number. “Age is very important, as soon as you grow your realise a lot of things, understand more responsibilities. There’s also a question that when you leave the world did you justify yourself to the world and is it worth it. I have opened my brand also its called Unalome-a Creative stationary. My company makes paper out of trees and tree waste. We are trying to reach out to the maximum number of people. My idea is to keep working hard… Kyunki zindagi ek safar hai manzil nahi, aapko safar ka maza uthana chahiye,” he signs off.

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