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Fast and Furious 10 Dominates Box Office as Jogira Sara Ra Ra Struggles: Weekend Report

The latest box office report showcases the performance of several films, including the action-packed Hollywood blockbuster “Fast and Furious 10,” Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s comedy flick “Jogira Sara Ra Ra,” the much-anticipated “Azam,” and the thought-provoking “The Kerala Story.” Let’s delve into the box office collections and audience reception for each film, analyzing their individual successes and challenges.

1. Fast and Furious 10: A High-Octane Ride

Witness the thrilling saga of the tenth installment in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, captivating audiences across India. This Hollywood action extravaganza has left viewers awe-struck with its mesmerizing VFX and adrenaline-pumping sequences. Since its release ten days ago, the movie has garnered immense popularity, nearing the coveted 100-crore mark.

2. Jogira Sara Ra Ra: Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Comedy Endeavor

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, known for his intense portrayals, ventures into the comedy genre with “Jogira Sara Ra Ra.” Despite the high expectations from the audience, the film’s box office performance remains lackluster. Siddiqui’s attempt to tickle funny bones did not yield significant success, as indicated by the film’s modest earnings.

  • First Day: “Jogira Sara Ra Ra” managed to amass 40 lakhs in its opening day.
  • Second Day: The film witnessed a slight growth, earning 60 lakhs.
  • Total Collection: However, the overall collection stands at a meager one crore.

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3. Azam: Jimmy Shergill’s Underwhelming Showcase

In the wake of a long hiatus, Jimmy Shergill returns to the silver screen with “Azam.” While Shergill’s acting prowess is highly regarded, this particular film failed to resonate with audiences, resulting in dismal box office figures.

  • First Day: “Azam” accumulated 15 lakhs on its opening day.
  • Second Day: The film experienced a marginal rise, garnering 20 lakhs.
  • Total Collection: Overall, the film’s earnings stand at a modest 35 lakhs.

4. The Kerala Story: A Box Office Triumph

“The Kerala Story” unfolds an intriguing tale surrounding conversion, offering a compelling narrative to moviegoers. This film has exceeded expectations by earning four times its production budget and continues to thrive at the box office.

  • 23rd Day: On the 23rd day, “The Kerala Story” achieved a remarkable collection of 3.50 crores.
  • Total Collection: The film has amassed an impressive 219.47 crores domestically, while its global earnings have surged to 270 crores.

As we assess the box office landscape, it becomes evident that “Fast and Furious 10” reigns supreme, captivating audiences with its action-packed storyline. In contrast, “Jogira Sara Ra Ra” struggles to find its footing in the comedy genre. Similarly, “Azam” falls short of expectations despite Jimmy Shergill’s commendable performance. However, “The Kerala Story” stands as a testament to its thought-provoking theme, securing significant success both domestically and internationally. As the box office continues to evolve, these films provide a diverse array of genres and narratives, catering to the varied tastes of movie enthusiasts.

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