Farnaz Shetty: OTT Raises the Bar for Content, Empowering Smart Audiences Worldwide

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With a plethora of hit blockbusters gracing the screens, it may seem that the box office is thriving. However, footfalls in theaters remain unpredictable. Actress Farnaz Shetty delves into the changing landscape of the entertainment industry, attributing the transformation to the advent of OTT platforms.

“Cinema’s true essence can undoubtedly be experienced in the cinema hall. Iconic films like Avatar have proven the grandeur and magic of the big screen. However, the rise of OTT has redefined content consumption,” she states.

Actor Varun Dhawan recently highlighted the significance of OTT platforms in film financing, citing that they fund 70% of movie budgets. Farnaz echoes this sentiment, recognizing that OTT’s elevation of content quality has shaped the tastes and preferences of audiences. With access to a diverse range of global shows, films, and documentaries, viewers have become discerning, seeking out the best offerings. OTT has also democratized the industry, providing opportunities for talented filmmakers and actors to showcase their artistry.

“Cinema must deliver potential, quality, and entertainment to entice audiences to theaters. Engaging content, compelling storytelling, relatable characters, and stellar performances are essential elements that contribute to a film’s success,” Farnaz explains.

Despite her appreciation for the theatrical experience, Farnaz acknowledges that her busy schedule often limits her cinema visits. Nevertheless, she eagerly anticipates upcoming films like Archie’s due to her love for vintage cinema and the immersive experience of the cinema hall.

OTT platforms have become synonymous with convenience, allowing viewers to enjoy films from the comfort of their homes. The ability to fast forward, rewind, and pause offers a personalized and accessible viewing experience.

Farnaz believes that the future of entertainment will see theatrical releases followed by OTT releases, offering audiences a wide array of options. She emphasizes the coexistence of both mediums, with certain films finding their perfect canvas on the big screen.

“As an actor and a film enthusiast, I believe that cinema and OTT can harmoniously coexist. Makers must invest in creating compelling content that caters to diverse tastes and preferences. While OTT has revolutionized the entertainment landscape, the magic of the silver screen remains unparalleled,” Farnaz concludes.

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