Choreographer Rajit Dev Talks About the Innovative Music Video ‘Psycho’ with Harrdy Sandhu; Embracing New Technology and Appreciating Talent

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Choreographer Rajit Dev and singer-actor Harrdy Sandhu, who previously worked together on the hit song ‘Yaar Ka Sataya Hua Hai’, are now teaming up for an innovative music video titled ‘Psycho’. Rajit Dev opens up about the project, particularly its unique approach to production.

Rajit describes the music video for ‘Psycho’ as special because it reunites the team that created the popular song ‘Bijlee’. He feels honored to work with such a talented team and reveals that the music video is the first of its kind in India to be shot using Virtual Production with Unreal Engine and Camera Tracking technology. This advanced technique allows them to create locations on an LED screen, eliminating the need for live locations. Rajit is amazed by the progress of technology and considers it a great learning experience for the entire team. However, he acknowledges that this approach can be time-consuming and has certain limitations with camera movements.

Speaking about Harrdy Sandhu, Rajit praises his talent as both a musician and dancer. He admires Harrdy’s consistency in delivering hit songs and mentions that their relationship has grown stronger since their previous collaboration on ‘Bijlee’. Despite Harrdy’s initial lack of confidence in his dancing skills, Rajit highlights his dedication and ability to execute the choreography perfectly after just two days of practice. Their bond has evolved into a brotherly connection.

Releasing a project immediately after a big hit can be nerve-wracking due to high expectations and pressure. However, Rajit expresses that he doesn’t let pressure affect him. He thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of working on ‘Psycho’, from the unique shooting techniques to the song’s genre. Rajit choreographed the hook step with heartfelt dedication and hopes that the audience will shower their love and appreciation upon the music video.

The innovative approach and talent displayed in ‘Psycho’ reflect the commitment of Rajit Dev, Harrdy Sandhu, and the entire team involved. With their dedication and passion, they aim to deliver a music video that captivates and resonates with the audience.

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