Charrul Malik: Girls need to stand up for themselves

“Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai!” actor Charrul Malik feels that stricter laws should be implemented to build a safe space for girls. Speaking on the occasion of National Girl Child Day, which is observed on January 24, she said, “I think making strict laws is the only option we have. I have heard that everyday something happens. I don’t know why people do not change their mindset. I think that until and unless we have strict and on the spot punishment things are going to change.”

“Now if you see about the rape cases the media definitely covers it but if there is a strict action taken then things won’t happen anything which is the main problem of our government. It should be addressed without being highlighted. Even in the news it should be updated that these are the actions taken against the culprits of this case,” she added.

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Suggesting what measures can be taken, she said, “Boys should be taught to treat everyone equally at home because education starts at home. Even girls and parents should come and approach the police openly instead of ignoring or shutting the case down emotionally. Out of court settlement should never be an option because this gives men more power.”

“Girls need to stand up for themselves because if they don’t then no one will ever stand for them. Girls are ruling the nation and the world. And now it’s time to get rid of such topics because everything is about equality now,” Charrul ended.

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