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Bookworm much! Celebs share their recent read

It is said that reading is dreaming with one’s eyes open, and a person’s life is incomplete if they have not read a book in their life. Books not only take us to an imaginary world but also give us a new outlook on things around us. They do so much more than we can ever imagine, so we got a few celebrities to talk about the books that they have recently read and how they impacted them.

Rohit Mehta
This year I read a few books but the one that impacted me so much is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. What an experience! I highly recommend those who are in the creative industry. She has shared some brilliant insights about an artist’s mind, the circumstances he/she goes through misconceptions about success as an artist, and how achievement is glorified in our society. I connected to a lot of things in that book because I am facing all that. The best line of that book that will stay with me forever is “If you want to work on your art, work on your life.” Do yourself a favour and give it a read.

Nirisha Basnett
I recently read The Power by Rhonda Byrne. It’s a sequel to the famous book called – The Secret. Everyone should definitely read either of these books because it largely focuses on self-help and finding joy via spiritualism. It imparts a simple philosophy of life which most of us tend to forget that the power to have everything good in life is inside us. The essence is – Power of the Law of Attraction- meaning one can change their life by changing their thoughts.

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Charrul Malik
The book is called Bombay After Ayodhya: A City In a Flux by Jitendra Dixit. He is a good friend of mine. In the book, there are so many episodes that tell us how Bombay changed over the years and I learned that as an individual we should keep evolving, we should make ourselves more responsible, and not blame others for anything and everything. I feel it’s not just the police who should check whether law and order are being followed, but as individuals, we should keep it in our mind. If we bring change in ourselves, we would see that change in others too and that’s how a society grows. Each one of us has to think in a responsible way to make our country a better and safe place

Dr. Akash Sharma
The book that I read this year was Trafford’s Trading Club by White Jade of Sunset Mountain. After reading the book I realised human greed has no end, and in the end we might lose more than we gain.

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