Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Grand Finale Highlights: Akhil Marar Lifts the Trophy

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The highly-celebrated season of Bigg Boss Malayalam has come to an end. The fifth season of the popular reality show, hosted by superstar Mohanlal, concluded with the crowning of movie director Akhil Marar as the winner. TV actress Reneesha emerged as the runner-up in the show. The grand finale was filled with emotional moments, thrilling performances, and surprising entries.

Akhil Marar, on lifting the Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 trophy, expressed his gratitude to his dear friends for their unwavering support. He dedicated the trophy to his friends, acknowledging their belief in him when no one else stood by his side.

The finale stage witnessed the top two contestants, Akhil Marar and Reneesha, bidding farewell to the Bigg Boss house. Host Mohanlal warmly welcomed them to the grand finale stage, adding to the excitement of the moment.

The Bigg Boss voice congratulated both Reneesha and Akhil for their memorable journey in the season, acknowledging their efforts and contributions to the show.

Prior to the finale, an ETimes Poll on the official Instagram account revealed that a significant majority (73%) predicted Akhil Marar as the winner of the season. Reneesha secured 12% of the votes, while Sobha and Junaiz received 9% and 6% support, respectively. A nominal percentage of fans predicted Shiju to be the topper of the show.

The grand finale also witnessed emotional moments as the ex-contestants and comedians Noby and Kutty Akhil staged a hilarious Bigg Boss spoof, taking a humorous dig at various incidents that occurred in the house.

The entry of wildcard contestant Rinosh George, who had to leave the show midway due to health issues, surprised everyone. Rinosh enjoyed a candid interaction with host Mohanlal, creating a heartwarming atmosphere on the stage.

Throughout the season, Akhil Marar was considered a potential winner due to his entertaining performances, humor, and camaraderie with other contestants. However, his anger issues and alleged misogynistic ideologies also faced criticism. Nevertheless, his love and support for his fellow inmates were appreciated by many.

As the curtains closed on Bigg Boss Malayalam 5, fans were treated to various performances by evicted contestants, adding to the excitement and nostalgia of the grand finale.

In the end, Akhil Marar was crowned the winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam 5. Along with the prestigious title, he also took home a cash prize of Rs 50 Lakhs and a brand new car. The show has once again captivated audiences with its drama, emotions, and unexpected twists, making it a memorable season.

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