‘Bharkhama’ Ready for Nationwide Release in 60 Theaters, Stars Shravan Sagar Kalyan and Anjali Raghav

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The much-anticipated Rajasthani film, ‘Bharkhama’, is poised to grace screens nationwide across 60 theaters, promising an immersive dive into the vibrant hues and cultural richness of Rajasthan. Adapted from the acclaimed Sahitya Akademi awarded book of the same name, the film’s motion poster launch at Fort Restaurant, Jaipur, unveiled a glimpse of its cinematic brilliance.

Backed by the Shravan Sagar Rajasthan Foundation, ‘Bharkhama’ is the brainchild of Dr. Jitendra Kumar Soni, a recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Award, and helmed by seasoned filmmaker Shravan Sagar Kalyan. The event witnessed the unveiling of the film’s inaugural song, ‘Mane Ho Gayo Hai Pyaar’, setting the stage for an extraordinary cinematic journey.

The event saw the presence of luminaries such as Shravan Sagar Kalyan and esteemed actress Anjali Raghav, alongside other notable figures including Garima Kapoor, Rajveer Gurjar Bassi, Nix Bohra, and executive producers Hariram Kiwara and Junjaram Thory. Esteemed lyricists Dhanraj Dadhich, Jitendra Chhabri, and Sahil Chandel added to the fervor of the occasion.

Speaking to the media, Shravan Sagar Kalyan emphasized his commitment to promoting Rajasthani language and cinema, underscoring the fusion of literature and cinema in ‘Bharkhama’. The film, shot against the picturesque backdrops of Jaipur, Sikar, Kota, and Shekhawati, is set to make history with its release in over 60 theaters nationwide, a monumental feat for Rajasthani cinema.

For Anjali Raghav, known for her contributions to the Haryanvi music industry and Bollywood, ‘Bharkhama’ marks her debut in Rajasthani cinema. She expressed pride in enriching regional cinema, echoing the sentiments of artists dedicated to preserving cultural heritage through their craft.

Shravan Sagar Kalyan, with an illustrious career spanning both Rajasthani and Bollywood cinema, epitomizes cinematic excellence. From his roots in Padampura, Jaipur district, Kalyan’s journey includes notable works like ‘Mharo Biro Hai Ghanshyam’ and ‘The Hero Abhimanyu’, among others, captivating audiences across borders.

As ‘Bharkhama’ prepares to unfold its cinematic saga, led by Shravan Sagar Kalyan and Anjali Raghav, supported by a talented ensemble, it promises to be an unparalleled odyssey celebrating Rajasthan’s cultural richness. This cinematic venture stands as a testament to the enduring charm of regional cinema in India’s cultural milieu.

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