Being a social media influencer, it is extremely important for me to stay connected with my followers: Payal Panchal

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Young Youtuber and social media influencer Payal Panchal is in her early 20s. Within a span of 2 years, the Indore girl has managed to garner a lot of attention from her followers. Speaking about her journey in the world of Social Media, Payal says,”There was a time when I used to watch television shows and thought of becoming an actor. But as time passed, I started making tiktok videos and became popular. If I get an opportunity to act I will take that up.”

What unique feature of yours do you think makes you stand out and helped you garner 2 million followers on social media? “I belong to Indore, the cleanest city of India, and I consider myself to be the cleanest Youtuber. Because my content on social media is very clean, it can be watched by all from a little kid to an adult. There is no vulgarity.”

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She also adds,”Being a social media influencer, it is extremely important for me to stay connected with my followers. For me, their love and support is extremely important. When they are showering me with their love and time, I need to be focused on my quality of videos in return.”

Payal also shares her future plans, “Before a social media influencer, I am a human being first and I will always try to help needy people, especially those who want to study and don’t have the money. When you have millions of followers on social media you know people will look up to you. I personally love to meet people, whenever I meet them in public places I am always warm and cordial. Fame and money are important factors that we all work towards.”

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