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Arjun Bijlani on joining film: I have been offered lots of roles but felt I deserve better

Starting with shows such as Remix and Left Right Left to hosting shows such as Dance Deewane and India’s Got Talent, actor Arjun Bijlani has been a popular face on the small screen for quite some years now. Since most TV stars eventually venture into films, one might wonder if Bijlani has similar plans as well. He says, I have been part of some script narrations. But I have been offered a good show recently, so I am thinking about that as well. I shall know better in a month or two”/

Ask him why his big screen debut hasn’t happened already, Bijlani shares that the TV shows he was part of, used to run for three to four years. So. he never had time for anything else. “Then there was the pandemic for 2.5 years and after it all opened up, I became a part of some reality shows and even a web show, Roohaniyat. Now, I do have the time because I have not done that kind of fiction TV for a couple of years now. But a good script needs to materialise. I have been offered a lot of roles that I could have done but I felt I deserve better. I will get my due someday but I don’t want to make a choice I regret later. Sometimes , we must wait for the right time,” he explains

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Asked if he has ever been in a situation where he wasn’t given a priority for being a Tv actor, Arjun shares that while he personally hasn’t faced this. There are people in the industry who think like that: “TV was always big and will always be big. It’s very juvenile to think like this because art has got nothing to do with the medium. If someone is a good actor, he’s a good actor. Actors should be treated like actors; we should not categorise them as TV or film actors”.

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