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Anu Aggarwal on National Girl Child Day:Through my experience and then studying the science of yoga, I realised that girls need to do self-help first

The National Girl Child Day is celebrated in India on January 24. This day came into existence in 2008 and was started by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and the government of India with the aim of spreading awareness around the issues faced by girls in our society. Irrespective of the progression in different fields, girls are still being mistreated, female foeticide is rampant and many are victims of eve teasing, sexual harassment. Bollywood star turned humanitarian and yoga expert Anu Aggarwal shares her opinion on the condition of the female population in India, importance of the day and what are the things required to build a safe society for girls.

“We can blame society or others, but really the solution to a problem lies within each one of us. The female gender getting the hard end of the stick is not new. Though I see it all boils down to the portrayal of women in our country but this has historical significance as girls being ill-treated, raped, or abused is not a new phenomenon. Today with an active media a lot of the issues are being revealed and seeing the light of day,” say the former actor, whose performance in her debut super hit film Aashiqui was appreciated.

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Sharing her personal experience and what helped her cope with life better, she adds, “I have been a girl alone, who had an unprecedented story of success in the entertainment business. I am self-made and have faced difficult situations but managed to tackle them and came out, thankfully unscathed. Through my experience and then studying the science of yoga, mindfulness I came to the conclusion that girls need to do self-help first.”

For the last few years, Anu has been successfully running her Anu Aggarwal Foundation (AAF) and Anu Fun Yoga (AFY). She opens up about the kind work she does via them and what all she has learnt so far.

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