Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Anish Chhabra’s ‘Yaarana’- A New Friendship Anthem Wins Imtiaz Ali’s Heart

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, renowned for his creation of musical romantic sagas such as “Jab We Met,” “Rockstar,” and “Tamasha,” has expressed admiration for the friendship anthem “Yaarana,” crafted by singer Anish Chhabra. Anish Chhabra, who serves as both the singer and composer, has redefined the concept of friendship through the “YAARANA” Music Video, which evokes nostalgia for the days when friendship was authentic and selfless.

Imtiaz Ali graced the launch event of “Yaarana” and lauded Anish’s endeavours in composing, singing, and writing this fresh Friendship Anthem. He also commended the collaborative efforts of director Vishal Mundra and Anish in creating the music video.

In praise of the singer’s performance, Imtiaz Ali remarked, “Credit goes to his guru Shri Sudhanshu Sharma, because many singers today take shortcuts and don’t put in the necessary hard work, but your voice is well-prepared. Keep up the effort.”

Titled “Yaarana,” this year’s friendship anthem is directed by Vishal Mundra and features Anish Chhabra, Rahul Jethwa N, Siddharth Shaw, and Deepak Simwal. The video has already garnered over 5 million views in less than 3 days.

Anish Chhabra is also engaged in various film projects and other ventures as a singer and composer. He has several singles lined up for release in the upcoming months. Expressing his excitement, he stated, “I am eagerly anticipating the launch of my upcoming projects.”

The song, encompassing composition, lyrics, and vocals by Anish Chhabra, follows the success of his previous viral single, “Baatein.”

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