Amaal Mallik Reveals Why He’s Been Selective with His Music Work in Recent Years

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Amaal Mallik, a well-known and popular music director, composer, singer, music producer, arranger, background scorer, performer, and lyricist, recently took to social media to explain the real reason behind his selective approach to producing songs in the last couple of years. In a series of tweets, he shared with his fans why he is not producing as much music as he used to.

Despite his music working well irrespective of the stars featured in them, Amaal mentioned that his young fans have been concerned about his reduced work output, and he wanted to give them the clear picture. He went on to jot down several reasons for his absence from work, including refusing most remixes, not wanting to suck up to power-hungry people, and being unable to take instructions from non-musical people about music.

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Amaal also explained that he cannot do sweet talking all the time and cannot work without the right remuneration. He also revealed that he is not part of any producer-director camp and is often replaced by composers who “listen” and say “Ji Sir” all the time. Additionally, he said that he cannot butter people and become their little pets or puppets to get one song here and there.

In 2022, Amaal composed several songs for movies such as Radhe Shyam, Hurdang, Bachchan

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